Letter to My Unborn Grandchild

It’s December 2015 and it’s only weeks away now before I get to meet you…

For now, you’re safely cocooned in your Mumma’s belly. You’re hearing the sound of her voice and your Dad’s, constantly. You’re feeling the vibrations of the outside world through your loving parents. The sound of their voices, the energy of their everyday life is preparing you for that moment when you make your entrance into this place we call life.

Little Edge

Little Edge

Life. It’s what you’ll be. Living, breathing and learning. You’ll never stop learning. Nobody ever should.

I cannot wait to touch you, to breathe you in and make that circle of life connection that comes with new generations born. That first meeting will be filled with love and excitement and a stark reminder of why it is we are put upon this earth… and that is to love and connect.

I’ve been watching you grow (from afar) inside your Mumma’s tummy. It’s been a scary thing to watch because I lost your Aunty Jessica when she was four months old and your Great Grandmother also lost my sister Kristy a few weeks after she was born. It’s reality but it doesn’t mean we are going to lose you. I can feel it. You’re here to stay, and to teach us all about what’s important in life.

There are so many people in our family that you’ll never get a chance to meet, but they continue to be influential and inspirational in our lives and they will be in yours, in years to come. Great grandparents and great-great grandparents who have pioneered their lives through hardship, love and perseverance. Perhaps you have already met them on your journey here. I hope so…They didn’t have the luxuries you will grow up with and the technology to communicate in ways that will be taken for granted in your generation. But you will experience a world they could never have imagined. I wonder myself, what the world will be like when you reach my age. I wonder if I’ll still be here to guide you and teach you the things you so desperately want to know about life as it was, way back when.

I know that you will grow up to be an independent, loving, respectful human being. Your parents will be instrumental in that. You’ll have a most wonderful family life, they’ll make sure of that. Your Mum and Dad understand the importance of family and you will be immersed in the glow of love all around you. I’ll definitely be a part of that.

If I can give you some advice now, it would be to always remember that kindness is integral in life. One of my favourite quotes is “Everyone you meet is fighting a battle you know nothing about. Be kind. Always”. You will have your own battles, I have had mine, your Mum and Dad have had theirs. Take the time and be patient with those around you. Other peoples’ behaviour is more often than not, driven by what’s affecting them. It’s rarely about you. Remembering this will be one of the golden rules in your life that will get you through many a difficult situation.

The other advice I will impart right now, is to always remain true to yourself. Be authentic in everything you do. It will be easy to be influenced by others and you will feel uncomfortable about the choices you are forced to make. You will know when it doesn’t feel right. Listen to your intuition, your gut and go with what feels right. It takes practice, but if you can master this early in your life, you’ll have a peaceful existence.

I’m so excited about the journey we will take. Being a grandparent will be an entirely new experience. I know that my heart will burst with love when I see you. We will grow together and form a bond that nobody can break. I will read to you, sing to you (badly), I will introduce you to Bruce Springsteen, I will teach you anything you want to learn, but most of all, we will just be together…in the moments, wherever and whenever we can.

Little Edge, you just take your sweet time to come into this world, don’t let anyone or anything rush you. I’ll be here, waiting. Waiting for you to fall into my arms and I’ll be ready to love you with all of my heart.

Beautiful Mumma

Beautiful Mumma

  One thought on “Letter to My Unborn Grandchild

  1. Dad
    January 2, 2016 at 7:56 am

    Beautiful and written straight from your beautiful heart. Love you Honey. xxxx

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