The Great Wall of China – Day 1

After our first few hours on the Wall yesterday afternoon, we spent the night in a magical little lodge high up in the mountains. Breathtakingly beautiful and very serene. We are all pretty pumped about this walk and our first taste of many many steps yesterday gave us a good indication of what the rest of the trek is going to be like!

Dinner was a hilarious affair last night.. After 4 bottles of Chinese liquor, one bottle of Vodka and 45 beers (yes that’s right), the chopper team from Aus proved themselves to be a partying lot…a few headaches this morning but a hearty Chinese breakfast of egg and tomato, bok choy, potato and noodles has set us up for what is to be a difficult day. Day two and four are apparently the hardest, so we’re going to get a workout!

I’m a little battered and bruised after falling down a hole last night in search of a toilet… What could have been a pretty serious incident turned out to be a rather funny sight ….apparently… and has since earned me the nickname WC… Yes it’s the incident of the trek so far. Funny how us Aussies always seem to find ourselves talking about bodily functions and toilets etc… we find our humour in the strangest of places.

We are almost at our drop off point so I’ll sign off for now, but here’s a photo of Andy and I into the awesome dumplings at dinner last night!


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