The Importance of Being Me

The definition of important: having serious meaning or worth; deserving or requiring serious attention.

In today’s busy life, we often throw that word ‘important’ around loosely… there are so many important things we must attend to, important people we must listen to, important goals we must achieve to be what? Successful? Happy? Important too?

I got to thinking today…Monday of all days are often the hardest to deal with, but my start to the week was a little more spicy than usual. I say spicy because it began in a fairly bland sense, but by the afternoon I was challenged by someone’s response to something I said. My intentions were pure, my motivation genuine, yet I was thrown a curve ball right out of the blue without any knowledge of where it came from, or why it came at all.

Getting older and wiser certainly has its benefits. The last three years in particular have taught me a hell of a lot about myself, and people in general. I say the last three years because in that time I’ve been exposed to more uncertainty and self doubt than most of my whole life. But that’s another story.

Back to the important stuff…I’ve had people challenge my ‘charitable motives’, I’ve had people try to take things that are dear to my heart away from me, I’ve had downright psychopathic managers over the years who have even tried to take my identity…but you know what? As painful as all that is at the time, none of rates of much significance when you compare to the really important things in life. What really matters.

I saw a beautiful quote in an article today by Jacqueline Lunn about Liz Jackson and her battle with Parkinson’s Disease. This particular story has really struck a chord with me over the last week after seeing it on 4 Corners. The quote said “What really matters in life is never perfect. What really matters in life never comes with a guarantee. What really matters in life are the people you love and who love you back.”

I’ve learned that when you do your best, try your hardest in life, keep your motivations genuine and you are always kind to others, there is nothing that can bring you down. People will try, but that behaviour is about them, their insecurities, their internal issues and even fear. But it’s not about you. What really matters in life are the people you love and who love you back. Not the people you barely know, not the people who treat you less than well, not the people who you think might be important in your success ladder… it’s the PEOPLE WHO LOVE YOU BACK.

It pays to remember this in our everyday battles with the world. Our perspective gets lost in the pursuit of just trying to stay on the treadmill of life. Give yourself a break and remember what really matters. Your authentic self is worth it.

  One thought on “The Importance of Being Me

  1. November 29, 2016 at 1:38 am

    Great post!

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